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I have developed and taught a wide variety of writing workshops for over ten years.


I have experience of working in lots of different ways; from starter sessions around my kitchen table, to online poetry book clubs, plus face-to-face and online poetry courses for beginners and beyond.


One of these, Clotheslines, uses clothing prompts and ideas around dressing to create poetry.  Find out more about this course, and how to book here.


Here is what some of my learners have said:


Kickstart - a course for starters I ran three times in 2017:

'Fun and prompted me to find creativity I never expected to find.’ ED, Collingham  


‘Just what I needed to give me the confidence and inspire me to have a go!’ MD, Blyth


Introduction to creative writing:

‘I got such a lot from the course and it has been a springboard for further writing.’ CD, Nottingham


Contact me about workshops and I can share some sample activities with you.


I often stress the importance of developing feedback skills. These prepare people to take an active part in poetry or writing groups so that can develop both their work and that of others.


I believe there is a poem in the humblest of objects. Poetry may connect us to the big things, like love and sadness but we experience our lives up close with small things.    

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